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♒Hi, you can call me Zach. I'm someone who enjoys immersing myself in the world of video games and stories alongside my OCs through art and sometimes voice acting.

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Posted by MagikdaggerZ - 4 days ago

Hey, just want to let you guys know that I'm doing better right now and currently doing new changes I wanted to try out (with the help of my OCs)


Posted by MagikdaggerZ - 2 weeks ago

Sigh, I realize due to burnout that trying to take offer to complete EVERY single art forum request while trying to take on several of my own projects was not the best idea for me.. I decided not to focus on art requests and try to take things one step at a time with my own content. I'm not sure if I would ever go back to finishing those requests, though if I were to, I would probably skip around doing a select few.. Just wanted others to know and sorry for the change up..


Posted by MagikdaggerZ - 1 month ago

Hi, I apologize for the sudden disappearance on my content, I wish to provide some updates on my current status and some plans I have :

iu_418385_9049670.gif [Animated with Pencil2D]

-Lately, because I've noticed how most of my efforts in social media tends to be artwork, so I thought it's about time that I start building up content on my other interests (like voice acting and animation). I planned on starting a Youtube as place to hold all my videos (Though I suppose there is Newgrounds too..)

-In regards to the art forums, I haven't forgot you guys!! 😰 Though as I try to develop on some things, I hope you can be patient with me.. I have some ideas on how I'd post the artworks from the forum, like I could use my 'News Post' to show recent requests I completed (2-3) for those who may have been tracking the forum and wanted to see the other OCs in my style. I would use DM to notify the individual whose request I complete.

- I did set a NSFW forum for male OCs, and I do intend to complete those as well. However, I plan to use a different account in regards to sending messages, art posts, and news regarding it.

-I've also been thinking about setting a commissions page during this time and I was trying to time everything.. I have a version of it here which may undergo changes in the future as I get more firsthand experience with it. So, I wish to open up some commission slots (perhaps 2 at a time), you'll need to pay to make a request, which I'll provide some rules and guidelines here:

*Will be undergoing some reworks, so I'm going hold off on this for now, sorry..

Rules and Guidelines

-The character must be an OC, though it can also be yourself. If in doubt on what may be acceptable, look in my gallery, or ask me. You'll need to provide a visual reference (can send a drawing, a screenshot from a video game.. etc.).
*Providing additional details on a character's bio is always welcomed and can help influence how I draw your OC.

-The artwork will be done in my style.

-When the artwork is complete, I will post it to my social medias. (I plan to finish the artwork within 2 weeks)

-Do not order NSFW content here..

-I reserve the right to refuse requests.

-Please credit me if you plan to use it anywhere (Non-commercial/personal use)

-DM me if you have a request, and if I accept, I'll ask for a 50% initial payment and will start on it after receiving payment.
Upon completion and me delivering it to you, send the remaining 50% payment. (Paypal)

A request should have:
A picture
Which option you want
Details on how you want the picture (OC in this pose, any interpretation, a scenario,..etc.) *Reference pictures can help greatly

[*Prices may change when I update the commissions page]

$30 (Portrait)- Features a drawing of your OC, which you can choose a particular pose, scenario, etc..[$5 per additional character/ Max of 3]

$50 (Character Concept)- I'll draw a single OC in various angles, expressions, and can help test out color schemes and designs. Can also display their bio in as well. (additional $20 for another character in single order)
*Requires a detailed bio on character. [Backstory, personality, age, occupation, any traits/quirks about them]

$30 (Emote Stickers)- I'll draw 3 unique expressions of your character ($5 per additional expression/character)
*You'll need to provide details on your character's personality (A bio would be ideal ) and which expressions you want.

*[My Bio will indicate my status on whether I'm open for commissions or not]*


Posted by MagikdaggerZ - August 19th, 2021

Heh, I have this habit where I feel I don't have enough time to do certain things, but in reality, I don't organize my time accordingly.. -_-

Lately I'm been wanting to develop my skills on animation, so I downloaded this free program called Pencil2D. I thought of it as a fun way to also practice voice acting. However, I started thinking of all the art requests I have and my own personal ideas for art that I became a bit overwhelmed..

So if I want time to do art requests, personal art, animation, and voice acting, I'll need to work on scheduling myself in order to make time for all of that. 😣

Posted by MagikdaggerZ - August 15th, 2021

Hi, I recently decided to create myself a Ko-fi account to help me receive money as I do artworks and requests. I haven't set up a commissions page yet because I felt I needed more experience and knowledge when it comes to taking requests. If you'd like to send a donation, I greatly appreciate it and helps me a lot.

Side Note:

Because I'm wanting to practice more on how I do requests and to prepare myself for various conditions I may be set up with, I'm gonna make a fresh art forum with a new set of rules and limited slots for requests (was thinking perhaps a total within 5-10..). Also allows me to test out a few ideas I had for doing commissions and see how it works.

Posted by MagikdaggerZ - August 2nd, 2021

I have been working on art requests for awhile that I realize that I don't have enough of my own content in my gallery, so here's the reason of why I wish to work on that..

Having a gallery full of requests you've done can help demonstrate your range and abilities, and taking requests are great for expanding your skill set. But making your own content expresses your personality and interests, these are important (if not more) because they can show where you intend to take your talents. Personal content could relate toward your interests for storytelling comics, designing creatures that could be used in video games, or perhaps to enter certain NSFW territory. Your personal content has ways that could connect you to relationships, project participation, or specific job opportunities you may seek. Having a balance of both requests and personal art can help you in that aspect.

With a gallery, it shows what topics you're familiar with as well as topics you may be willing to explore. Having plenty of references people can look at also makes it easier for people to make a request; people would have an idea on what sort of art you create, and it can help them determine what is acceptable and what is not. Of course, there are those requests that may try to work around your rules, to which may either be "This is new, but I think I could enjoy this", or "This is overstepping the boundaries for me".

Posted by MagikdaggerZ - July 28th, 2021

Hey, wanted to give a heads up on some changes I wanted to add after taking some time to think about it.

-So I have these forums where I would offer to draw people's OCs, though I would often ask if I could have their permission to post it for my portfolio or such. I decided that this time I will post any art request that I finish, unless I'm told through Direct Message or beforehand that they'd prefer it not to be displayed anywhere else other than the forum.

-I'm also trying to get organized with things in my life, so when it comes to the OC requests, I was thinking of doing a set amount of free requests per month (varies from 2-5 free requests). The requests I do are found in the art forums, though I prefer to go in order of when the request was made.

-This account will be focused on featuring my SFW content. Art that I've done that was rated M (Mature) will be removed from my gallery and moved to another account, where will be the new place where I post any Mature or Adult art that I do (I particularly focus on male nudity).

That's about all the changes I wanted to mention. If I end up finishing certain preparations, I'll update this post with


Posted by MagikdaggerZ - June 30th, 2021

I'm hanging in there with all that has been going on lately.


Posted by MagikdaggerZ - June 10th, 2021

So.. today I got kick out of my mom's house for, let's just say complex family reasons... While a part of me did want to leave, I'm now separated from my sibling who were like my rock that helped me keep steady.. This change definitely impacts me, however, I will forge a new path from this change..

Posted by MagikdaggerZ - May 23rd, 2021

Hey, while I am still new here, I thought I'd say that I'll try my best when it comes to posting content, though my schedule may undergo changes and difficulties due to my work situation. But nevertheless, I wish to post whenever I can and to any viewers out there, I hope you all enjoy!